Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It dawned bright and clear the morning after a big storm in San Jose, so we decided to take a hike in Alum Rock Park. We parked near the Youth Science Institute and wandered up the North Rim trail. It was still quite cold and windy in the shady areas of the park, so the added warmth of the sun on that side of the canyon was a welcome bonus. We hiked up to Eagle Rock, enjoying the views of the city as we went. We also got to see a little of the park's wildlife: several hawks silently gliding, rising and falling as they were swept along by the updrafts. We also saw numerous deer including two large bucks. The trails were very quiet but there were a few other hikers and runners around. The kids are finally old enough to climb on Eagle Rock itself. It was a very nice moment, being at the top with the family, enjoying some solitude in a hectic week. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to live in the East Foothills: the natural beauty of the surrounding hills. So close to the city, yet seemingly so far away. What a treasure.


Amanda said...

I love Alum Rock Park! It is like being in Yosemite in your neighborhood.

Early Gardner RN said...

Great Pictures of your family Len. Nice to see your face. The years have gone by a hurry since we met all those years ago after the Mexico City Earthquake.