Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A meeting with the City is planned for Thursday to inform neighbors about proposed permanent changes to the entrance to Alum Rock Park.
The purpose of the meeting is to explain to us why the City’s plan to possibly stabilize the Crothers/Alum Rock landslide will be abandoned. The letter we received says that they no longer believe that they can get permits to reroute a portion of the creek to work on the toe of the landslide at Penitencia Creek (which would halt the erosion there). For several years, this has been the plan and it has been the only concession which the City was willing to make. Why would the plan suddenly not be feasible when just a few months ago it was in the works.
The meeting will be at the new Alum Rock Roberto Cruz library at 5:30 this coming Thursday, July 20th. During previous neighborhood meetings, we have become aware just how important restoring the old (upper) entrance into Alum Rock Park is to people in our area. Due to the landslide, Alum Rock Park has effectively become a Berryessa park since one has to access it via Penitencia Creek Road.